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«CAPS trains people to participate in the reform process in Ukraine that would insert it into the global value chains, to the global economy and build the prosperity for all people in Ukraine»

Kevin Murphy
International expert in economics and the author of Harvard Business School case studies


Established in 2014, Civil and Political School (CAPS) is a great place for leaders to study. CAPS provides excellent opportunity for the Ukrainian business elite to obtain understanding and knowledge of the origins and benefits of changes on the global markets, of how to build strategies in public and private areas in accordance to the world standards and practices.

Expertly designed author programs intended to arm the participants with practical knowledge and skills for career advance, for the country’s decision-making based on global tendencies in politics and economics. We are looking for individuals who demonstrate excellent intellectual abilities and career successes and would like to be a part of political, economic and social changes in Ukraine and in the world.


  • We develop conceptually new educational programs. From theory to practice.
  • We change Ukrainian thinking: not “own”, but “manage”. Responsibility instead of privileges.
  • We are aimed at business elite – only practical instruments for leaders

Content: The program is designed to contribute to a more conceptually based understanding of the state-building from a political economy perspective. This program will help students to acquire a good sense of what is actually happening in developing countries and emerging economies and why this experience is important and relevant for Ukraine.

Target Group: The program is aimed at talented individuals who are interested in interactions between politics and the economy in developing countries and emerging economies and who require advanced knowledge to play key roles in the public governance of their countries.

Content: This program offers exciting educational experience that aims to answer the question: What do people in the public service need to know in order to be effective in their work? It is designed to increase leadership resources for public service and to introduce new management methods to help students with tackling difficult and real-world problems of public governance.

Target Group: This program is suitable for professionals working in the government, private and non-profit sector, who want to be empowered with the key process skills and knowledge in the field of public management.

Content: This program offers a unique blend of academic education and training in international relations and diplomacy aimed at ensuring the understanding of foreign affairs and challenges to global governance. Moreover, it provides for an overview of the world-leading lobbying tools and techniques and offers analysis of relevant case studies.

Target Group: The program is aimed at students who want to gain knowledge and skills they need in order to pursue a career in government, business, international organizations, journalism, politics.

Content: Institutions are crucial for the success of development processes and social change. That’s why this program has been designed to examine the strategic importance of inter-organizational relationships and to analyze the institutional landscape. It is aimed at increasing students’ capacity to build good relationships between the many organizations working for change.

Target Group: The program is targeted at professionals, managers, advisers or consultants who are responsible for, or involved with, the process of mapping, analyzing and building the capacity of private and public organizations.

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How to become a student of CAPS?

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Fill in the form on the website or call the number +380 67 902 29 66, send an email to mail@capschool.com.ua

First we ask you to fill out a form and answer a few questions about the motivation.

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