EU Architecture

EU Architecture

Sergi Kapanadze

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (2005-2012)


The course describes the institutional architecture of the European Union: the European Council, the Council of Ministers, the European Commission and the European Parliament. The adoption of the EU decision-making, the role of member states and supranational institutions. The role of the European Union in foreign policy decision-making and conflict resolution, will be described and discussed in an interactive session.

The course also focuses on the external relations of the EU with its neighbors, particularly with Ukraine and other Eastern European states.


The course allows to learn about the decision-making process in the European Union, and to understand how the policy is implemented in the various EU institutions. Students will learn about the costs and benefits of Europeanization and EU membership. To raise awareness about the European Union, to master the understanding of decision-making processes in the EU instruments available in the EU’s disposal and the mechanisms of policy-making.


Lectures are conducted in an interactive form lasting 2.5 hours. Students are recommended to ask questions during the lectures and participate in discussions. The first two days will be devoted to the introduction to the architecture of the EU framework. On the third day will be a simulation of the European Council meeting, which will discuss the various options available to the EU Member States, when deciding on how to intervene in a foreign conflict.

Expected Result:

Raise the level of understanding of the organization of the EU architecture, decision-making and implementation.

Lecture 1. The institutional architecture of the EU. The European Council, the Council of the European Union.
Lecture 2. The institutional architecture of the EU. The European Commission, the European Parliament, the development of foreign policy in the EU
Lecture 3. Modelling of decision-making in the European Council

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