Energy Innovations for Future

Energy Innovations for Future

Archil Mamatelashvili

Advisor to the Management Board for Macroeconomics and the Financial Sector at “TBC Bank” (Georgia), Board Member at National Bank of Georgia (2013-2014), Deputy Minister of Energy of Georgia


Energy is probably the most influential facet of our daily lives. Apart from the everyday uses, it represents substantial part of our economy and requires plenty of political resources.  Hence, understanding of its nature, technicalities, policy and regulations is a matter of interest for most of us.


The course is designed to introduce main directions of world energy trends, economic outlook of main sources of energy, prospects of innovations in this industry and description of regulatory and policy issues. We will also cover developments pertaining to the energy sector and policy trends in Ukraine and surrounding region.

Expected result

At the end of the module, participants will learn the world energy outlook and describe most widely used sources from the general technical and economic viewpoint. Also participants will gain knowledge and skills in policy and regulatory issues, including the cases of the world’s most successful examples. Participants will surely have the understanding of the regional energy policy issues and Ukraine’s energy market and regulatory environment.


Course is composed of 4 interactive sessions. Each session is three hours long with fifteen minutes break in-between. The module includes 2 major case studies.

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Energy Industry
Lecture 2: Major forms of energy resources, their characteristics and economics based on energy resources
Lecture 3: Regulation, Policy, Market Systems in the Energy Sector
Lecture 4: Energy Sector of Ukraine. Regional energy trends

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