Evolution of thinking, management, technology and economics

Evolution of thinking, management, technology and economics

Valerii Pekar

Co-founder of civil platform Nova Kraina (New Country), member of Strategy Center GOSh (HQ of Civil Operations), lecturer, regular speaker at «TEDxKyiv», author of books on integral dynamics


At the times of rapid technological changes, turbulences also occur in economic, political and social areas of life. It is vital to pay attention to the models that explain what is going on and how the country, as well as companies, can take the advantage of changes. The module is developed to introduce the latest and trending models of human and society evolution united under the “integral dynamics” name.


You will know: How the human thinking is evolving? How evolve communication methods, leadership and management approaches? How such evolution is connected to the development of technologies, culture, economic and political systems? What changes are specific to our era and how they can be used by the Ukrainian business and Ukraine itself?

Expected result

Participants will get understanding of such topics:

  • Spiral dynamics and its application to a person and organization;
  • Integral model: evolution of economics, politics, religion and identity;
  • North and Acemoglu models;
  • Phase transfers model;
  • Integral model application to Ukraine and its processes.


The course consists of five lectures. Each lecture lasts for 3 hours with 15-minute break.

Lecture 1: Three models of modern era. Phase transfers in technology civilization development. Case Study.
Lecture 2: Evolution of thinking, leadership and management.
Lecture 3: Integral model: evolution of economics, politics, religion.
Lecture 4: Ukraine in integral model. Case Study.
Lecture 5: New economic paradigm. Case Study.

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