Hybrid Warfare

Hybrid Warfare

Grigol Mgaloblishvili

Prime Minister of Georgia (2008-2009), Washington State University Professor of Defense (US)


Determination of the state strategy, the development of projects to produce the desired results in an anarchic system. The course examines the tools that the state uses to construct a viable strategy and focuses on the key concepts of the evolution of strategic thinking in theoretical and practical aspect. It helps students to think critically over the geopolitical environment and to explore a range of potential strategies for Ukraine. Learn various historical examples of successful strategies that have allowed states to achieve the desired results with limited resources. And the answers to the questions: How can we identify the challenges of hybrid? Are they new or old forgotten this phenomenon?


Determine the current challenges, in particular, the risks created by non-military means in modern conflicts. Understand how Ukraine can identify and stay ahead of the hybrid threat to its security. To know what is the difference between strategy and policy.


The course lasts one week and is divided into 3 lectures. Each lecture lasts 3 hours 15-minute break. The course includes presentations, interactive discussions, case studies and simulations.

Expected Result:

The acquisition of critical thinking skills and the ability to objectively analyze the challenges to national security and to choose effective strategies. Know all hybrid threats facing Ukraine.

Lecture 1. Fundamentals of strategy
Lecture 2. Hybrid war threat and features
Lecture 3. Simulation. Students will participate in a simulated crisis in Eastern Europe. Participants will be divided into teams, on behalf of the different countries inside and outside the region. They will be responsible for the representation of interests and the achievement of their states, depending on their communion / relationship to the crisis.

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