Competitivenes of the Nations

Competitivenes of the Nations

Kevin Murphy

International expert in economics and the author of Harvard Business School case studies


The course will provide participants an opportunity to identify major drivers of economic growth; view examples of successful economies; understand how these drivers are mutually reinforcing, factors in social inclusion and sustainability elements in the growth strategy. At the end of the course, participants will also be able to build the structure of a government office in order to achieve these goals through the delegation of responsibilities, introducing the processes of accountability and institutionalize dialogue between the public and private sphere. The course is aimed at obtaining a high level of participation and application of tools for the economy of Ukraine. The course begins the definition and calculation of high economic growth, as well as the presentation and analysis of a set of indicators. After that, it shows the framework within which it is possible to achieve high growth, based on actual examples of countries that have achieved it. Next course leads to the question of whether the sufficient growth and how to take into account the interests of social inclusion and sustainability in the growth and competition. Ends course exercise in which participants will be able to use all the tools to create an updated strategy to accelerate the growth of the Ukrainian economy, including the delegation of responsibilities to all stakeholders.


The course teaches drivers to present the competition at the level of firms and industrial cluster, using the model of Porter’s Diamond. To master a set of tools developed by the author for the World Bank, in order to achieve the competitiveness of the Ukrainian economy. The methodology is focused not only on the accumulation of knowledge, but also on the development of skills and the use of ownership structures of economic growth.


The course lasts a week and consists of five interactive lectures. Each lecture lasts 3 hours 15-minute break. The course presents the structure and includes exercises that allow participants to use this structure. case study is also provided for the use of these instruments for Ukraine (the last day of the course).

Expected Result:

1. The ability to define and calculate the fast, sustainable and inclusive economic growth
2. Understanding the key drivers of economic growth
3. The ability to combine social inclusion and sustainable growth models
4. Ability to set reasonable goals for Ukraine’s key economic areas
5. The ability to make laws for the Government of Ukraine
6. Knowledge in the field of construction of structures Ukrainian Cabinet to achieve the economic goals
7. Self-involvement in the debate to inform the Economic

Lecture 1. The framework of national competitiveness
Lecture 2. The new framework for the social, inclusive and sustainable growth
Lecture 3. Case Study Exercise: Development Strategy of Ukraine for rapid and sustainable economic growth

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