Lobbyism – what makes it work

Lobbyism – what makes it work

Eka Tkeshelashvili

Minister of Justice of Georgia (2007) Attorney General (2008) Georgia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs (2008) Deputy Prime Minister (2010)


Lobbyism and Advocacy are actively used by states, business entities, various interest groups as well as civil society organizations for the advancement of their cause. The course provides theoretical background and room for discussion on different concepts of lobbying and established frameworks mainly in the US and Europe. However, the main focus will lie on practical situations and examples, as well as skills training.


Participants will get full and complete knowledge of lobbyism and advocacy, get understanding of different lobbying systems, try skills in simulation case studies as lobbyists.

Expected result

At the end of the course, participants should be in the position to comprehend the complexity of the lobbying and advocacy filed, challenges involved in the different sectors and contexts, as well as critical debates on transparency and legitimacy. Special attention will be devoted in outlining specific aspects related to lobbyism and advocacy on behalf of sovereign states in bilateral as well as multilateral settings.

By the end of the Course students will get to know and practice different concepts, strategic tools and approaches, including actor and process mapping, coalition building, presenting information, dealing with the media, getting into practical do’s and don’ts related to lobbying and advocacy, including ability to shape and lead result oriented advocacy campaigns.


Course is composed of 4 interactive sessions. Each session is three hours long with fifteen minutes break in-between. Real case studies are being reviewed throughout the duration of the course. The main simulation exercise takes place at the end of the course.

Lecture 1: Lobbyism and Advocacy: origin, legal framework and established practice in the US and Europe
Lecture 2:  Strategies that deliver: what it takes to lead successful lobbying campaign
Lecture 3: The role of Lobbyism and Advocacy in foreign policy related matters
Lecture 4: Case Study.

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