Future Modeling

Future Modeling


It describes and analyzes the main approaches to the medium-term and long-term modeling of the future. Ability to see the major trends, drivers, alternative scenarios, “jokers” and outsiders in the process of designing the future.


Synthesize project initiatives to achieve the medium-term objectives. Formulate your own up: personal position regarding the implementation of reforms in Ukraine.


Lecture time: 3 hours. Introduction to the modeling methodology and design of the future. Practical classes are 6 hours to develop a scenario for the Ukrainian space.

Expected Result:

Know and understand the basic concepts of the future of the modeling methodology. To be able to use basic methods of forecasting the future of the collective.

Lecture 1. Introduction to the modeling methodology and design of the future
Lecture 2. The integrated speaker – a practical model of the evolution of thinking, leadership and management
Lecture 3. Exercise. The students are part of the role of the Ukrainian government, and taking into account all known external circumstances, developing scenic space of Ukraine and his personal future strategy.

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