Nation branding

Nation branding

Veiko Spolitis

Member of the Parliament of Latvia; he used to work as the Secretary at the Ministry of Defense of Latvia (2010 – 2014)

The course is designed for a four – day intensive study period and the method of instruction is divided between interactive lectures and seminar discussions. During the course we will go through the philosophical underpinnings of nation state building in Europe, as well as on reasons, why democracy returned as mode of governance after 1800 years of slumber as the major mode of governance in Europe. Then, looking from the Baltic States perspective and comparing with Ukraine, we will discuss the interwar period from 1919-1939, the bipolar era in Europe, and the end of Cold war era.

The historic discourse is required to understand the essential building blocks for nation branding, because branding requires thorough knowledge of what is “in the box” as well as what exists outside it. Throughout the course movies of the Baltic movie industry will be used to show the examples of branding and draw parallels with similar European phenomena. Dissecting state-branding mechanisms the focus will be on defence of the state as well as on social resilience.

Particularly the latter argument is important for defence of sovereignty today, in a dynamic world with global norms setting the framework of rules in traditional nation states. Because of the historic determinism challenges for Central and Eastern European societies, bureaucracies, armies are similar, but approach to their resolution differs due to the internal dynamics of those states. Thus the last discussion will be particularly wholesome, because will allow us to set sights into uncharted waters of the 21st century.


Lecture 1: State building & philosophical roots for state and society in Europe
Lecture 2: State branding in Central Europe from Baltic perspective
Lecture 3: Resilience of the democratic society in Central Europe
Lecture 4: Future of the Central European state/society in the 21st century

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