Negotiations and decision making

Negotiations and decision making

Sergi Kapanadze

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (2005-2012)


The course focuses on carrying out negotiations based on interests, or the Harvard model of negotiation. The classical approach “to come to a yes” is presented to students in the most accurate and accessible manner. We will discuss how and why we have to distinguish the position of interest, how and under what circumstances it is necessary to select various options to facilitate the search for solutions, how to select options based on objective criteria, and how to distinguish between the personal and substantial problems during the negotiation process. We will discuss the concept of BATNA, and special attention is given strategies and tactics of negotiation.


To familiarize students with the best methods of negotiating and reaching an agreement during a call. We will focus on the obstacles that often appear during the process of negotiations and do not allow us to achieve the desired result, and how to overcome those obstacles.

Expected Result:

The course is highly interactive. During the course we will watch a video about the negotiations and analyze different theoretical concepts based on these scenes. The course ends with an important task, a simulation in which participants will be required to represent the interests of different groups, divided by basic international interests.

Lecture 1. Basic concepts of negotiation based on interests
Lecture 2. The strategy and tactics of negotiation
Lecture 3. The multi-simulation to assess and address the various issues

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