Public Administration


This program offers exciting educational experience that aims to answer the question: What do people in the public service need to know in order to be effective in their work? It is designed to increase leadership resources for public service and to introduce new management methods to help students with tackling difficult and real-world problems of public governance.

EU Architecture

The course describes the institutional architecture of the European Union: the European Council, the Council of Ministers, the European Commission and the European Parliament…

Public Policy Processes

Very often those who hold positions of high public confidence, make decisions based solely on their previous experience and / or intuition. They do not use methods of policy making.


The course focuses on carrying out negotiations based on interests, or the Harvard model of negotiation. The classical approach “to come to a yes” is presented to students in the most accurate and accessible manner.

National Security Strategies

The course will help to understand the issues of construction of the agenda of the day of the state in matters of national security. He explains the concept of “reasonable force» (smartpower) and its practical application,…


It describes and analyzes the main approaches to the medium-term and long-term modeling of the future. Ability to see the major trends, drivers, alternative scenarios, “jokers” and outsiders in the process of designing the future.

State Building

The main topic of the course – governance processes. It gives an overview of the different schools of thought in the field of democracy and explores its relationship to governance processes. The key question of the course – methods of public reports democracy.


Determination of the state strategy, the development of projects to produce the desired results in an anarchic system. The course examines the tools that the state uses to construct a viable strategy and focuses on the key concepts of the evolution of strategic thinking in theoretical and practical aspect…

Change Management

This course – the understanding of belief systems and behavior. It covers philosophies from Plato and Aristotle to Adam Smith and Karl Marx. We will discuss why people behave this way and not otherwise, why different societies have different structure and culture and how they affect life.

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