Interstate club

Interstate Club

Meetings with country’s top officials

Personal upgrade, leadership skills improvement and motivation to change

Intensive immersion into the political and social processes of the country

Professional experience exchange

Diplomatic skills acquisition during official meetings

Ability to conduct your own analysis of the political situation and reforms’ successes through meetings with official authorities representatives and the opposition

Benefits Interstate Club

  • At CAPS you’ve already got experience of communicating with international leaders and trained to work as a state manager. We invite you to enhance this experience and see the results of the reforms that have been carried out in the post-Soviet countries with the same background as Ukraine has.
  • Our next destination – Tbilisi, Georgia
  • At this offsite Club, you will learn the experience of the state of transformation of Mikhail Saakashvili’s team, as well as will hear reviews of its implementation from the opponents’ side.
  • Currently, the delegates from previous visits successfully apply their knowledge in business, NGO and during elections.
  • • New tour of CAPS Interstate Club is scheduled at the end of January – February 2016. The group will have a unique experience of the diplomatic intensive training, understanding of the gradual process of implementation of reforms and informal communication with the country’s top officials. Delegates are free to choose the public sector respresentatives they want to meet.
  • • CAPS Interstate Club members will soon be able to visit other countries with the diplomatic trips.

The schedule of meetings during the trip

It is formed depending on the delegates of interest and can include meetings and visits:

Meeting with Lado Gurgenidze

The founder and CEO of the banking network number one in Georgia – Liberty Bank, ex-Prime Minister of Georgia

Meeting with Giorgi Kadagidze

The head of the National Bank of Georgia, the best banker in Europe – 2014

Meeting with David Magradze

The head of the office of the Georgian Parliament Speaker

Meeting with Gigi Gigiadze

Acting Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia

The meeting with Nika Gvaramia

Director General of the Georgian TV channel Rustavi-2 rating

Lunch with Shota Utiashvili

Former chief of the analytical department of the Georgian Interior Ministry, speaking of police reform

A visit to the Public Service Hall

Where are all public services, every customer can get the necessary document in a few minutes

A visit to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia real Registration

Where citizens have a driver’s license, registering new cars and receive appropriate services

A visit to the Free University

Based Kakha Bendukidze


Lunch with Otar Kakhidze, the former Deputy Minister of Justice, Prosecutor General

A visit to the Cash Center National Bank of Georgia

Meeting with Giorgi Kldiashvili, Director of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) – an NGO that deals with checking and intelligence information related to the state authorities of Georgia; their reports and the results of the best analysts of print publication of Georgia

A visit to the GRASS – Analytical Center of monitoring the political processes, based Sergi Kapanadze and Helen Khoshtaria

Meeting with the Ministry of Environment top officials of Environment and Natural Resources

Lunch with Nino Chichua – former CEO Public Service Hall

Meeting with Shota Gvineriya, advisor to the Minister of Defence of Georgia

Lunch with the leaders of the party United National Movement – Zurab Chiaberashvili and Giga Bokeria

Lunch with Tamar Kovziridze, Deputy State Minister of the Ministry of European and Euro-Atlantic relations

Meeting with Mariam Gabunia – The deputy head of the Department of Foreign Trade and International Economic Relations of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

Meeting with Victor Dolidze, representative of the Party of Free Democrats

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