Strategies of Leader’s Behavior at Modern Business Arena

Strategies of Leader’s Behavior at Modern Business Arena

Effective management during the constant changes. For the first time ever CAPS invites you to step into the intensive creative management program, built upon best practices and developments of leading international business schools. The program is excelled with its academical structure and practical approach (module topics, materials, case study method) coupled with lecturers – invited top managers, researchers and professors from leading international business schools (Top 3 based on ranking from the Financial Times).

Program details:
Location: CAP School (CAPS)
Duration: 10 weeks (27.11 – 9.02)
Holidays/Case Study: (16.12 – 14.01)
Time: Monday-Friday, 18.30-21.30
Language: English\Ukrainian\Russian
Price: $1000 (in hryvnas using Privatbank’s exchange rate on the day of payment)

Global Markets: Macroeconomic Perspectives

The business operations are not immune to macroeconomic events and policy measures implemented by the governments. In order to minimize the risks and to capitalize opportunities arising from macroeconomic conditions, businesses must constantly monitor developments of main economic factors and align their business strategies.

Strategy and Leadership

Highly practical module build on the set of successful cases. The two main pillars of the module are strategy and leadership together with their implementations in business transformation, strategy development and customer experience.

Strategies & Intelligence Tools

This module will explore how geopolitical factors affect firms, and how business strategy intersects with geopolitical events; it also designed to provide you with analytic frameworks, often drawn from the intelligence community, to make practical use of geopolitical awareness.

Organizational Design for Creativity and Innovations

In this course, we will work on organizational design that fosters creativity and innovation. Organizational Design that leads to happier employees, that lead to happier clients, that lead to happier you.

Designing Frameworks of your Talent

In the modern world volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity became the new reality and normal conditions in business. New times and challenges require new approaches, such as learning agility, lifetime learning, talent and personal development.

Human Centered Design: Public and Private Applications

During this module participants will learn the end to end of product and service human design, the methodology and tools to develop new products and services that add value to the user and consumer.

Practical Session on Product and Service Design

During the 4 day bootcamp the participants will apply all the tools learn during the course to design a new digital product or service.

The program ideally fits you if:

  • You are holding a top position in your company and would like to become the driver of changes, needed for constant growth of your organization;
  • You manage your own business and looking for new solutions of its development;
  • You are in the process of the product creation and would like to make it upon the rules of modern business standards;
  • You share the idea of Long Life Learning and accept the fact that learning is the foundation of your leadership growth;
  • You are an entrepreneur – founder of the technological start-up and you plan to expand globally;
  • You are a leader, innovator and change maker in your organization introducing new approaches in the processes you manage.

Upon completion of the program you will:

  • Develop a strategic vision of global markets;
  • Shape the future of the organization;
  • Master the art and methodology of change management;
  • Build solid strategy of changes for your organization;
  • Acquire the most effective methodologies of process management;
  • Examine the specific strategic, structural, and human characteristics of the smart adaptive enterprise;
  • Analyze new business-models and strategies with top international professors from best European business schools;
  • Explore new ways of thinking and approaches for guiding your leadership potential and capacities;
  • Expand your professional and allied network needed for advance and winning strategies;
  • Receive inspiration for new ideas and a breath of business-oxygen (BusinessO2)
  • Synchronize your vision with global business content.

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