The most famous mayor visited Kiev

Rudolph Giuliani, the 107th mayor of New York, adviser to Donald Trump on cyber security has visited Kiev recently. Here are main points from the public lecture “Ukraine in the Context of Global Challenges” 1) Expansion of democracy “Democracy ...


CAPS at iForum 2017

IForum 2017 was visited by 9136 participants, which is officially registered in the National Register of Records of Ukraine. 1 day, 7 stream groups, 140 speakers, 80 companies participating. Be armed with a strategy of sustainable leadership in today’s ...


Guest lecture by Yuriy Gusev

Yuriy Gusev is the adviser to the Minister of Infrastructure and Head of the project office of the public-private partnership “sp3ilno”. During the lecture Yuriy shared his thoughts with CAPS Alumni on the reforms of institutions and prospects in ...


What is BATNA?

BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) is a managerial negotiation tool that helps to envisage options in decision making. What is the main point of BATNA in the negotiation process? BATNA is the standard with which you compare ...


7 Rules of Effective Leadership

Friday evening hot topic: Effective leadership by Aivaras Abromavicius How to imolement important rules and think 10 steps ahead? How to find, motivate and keep talented and ambitious people? Effective leadership features and rules are: – Simple and clear ...


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