Pavlo Sheremeta

Pavlo Sheremeta

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Pavlo Sheremeta

Ukrainian Economist and former Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Raiffeisen Bank Aval Board Member, Founder Director of School of Public Management at UCU, President of KSE (2012-14) and President of Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (Malaysia, 2008-2011), Founding Dean and CEO of KMBS (1999-2008)


In a fast changing world there is always a lot of debate about the role of leadership in a success of an organization. What is a difference between management and leadership? How to transition from one role to another? How to be an effective person and a leader? How to hire, motivate and retain a group of highly talented and ambitious people? How to improve and be a better leader to keep up with the changing world?


1993-1997: International Business, Concordia University, Wisconsin.

Work experience:

2014-2016: Minister, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.
2002-2014: Partner, East Capital.
1999-2002: Head of Trading, Brunswick Emerging Markets.
1996-1999: Head of Equities, Hansabank (Swedbank).

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