Economy State Building

Economy State Building

Giorgi Kadagidze

Best Banker of Europe 2014 The current head of the National Bank of Georgia


Brief history of the major states of the economy will be discussed during the course. Singling out and analyzing the factors that have helped or prevented strong economic growth – the main part of the course. There will also be widely discussed the influence of culture, geography, politics and other spheres of life. Along with the success stories, and will focus on the causes of failures during the discussions at the lectures. The development will be examined various post-Soviet countries and conducted evaluation of the need for reform on the example of the Washington Consensus. Following this will be followed by discussion of the major economic theories and their interpretation. Examples of case studies on the Georgian reforms, their successes and failures will be widely analyzed throughout the course. Focus research will focus on the discussion of the major economic trends in the world today, together with the phenomenon of the status quo in the decision-making process.


The course will allow students to improve understanding of the broader picture of the modern economy. It aims at developing skills “distancing view” on the prospects of one of the country during the discussion of current challenges of economic development. The main purpose – to get “pure” idea of ​​the processes through which passed almost all countries at different stages of development. Send thoughts on the reasons why the bureaucracy is trying to be the most conservative in the decision-making process.


Lectures will be conducted in an interactive format. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the discussions and questions to the lecturer during lectures. An important part of the training will be presentations and videos.

Expected Result:

Students will be more aware of the issues of different economic models and why they led to success or failure in the different countries.

Lecture 1. Stages of development and theories that do not work
Lecture 2. Urbanization and structure of modern economies
Lecture 3. The main economic theories
Lecture 4. Washington Consensus and its role in the economic development factors
Lecture 5. Creative destruction
Lecture 6. Innovation, big data and current trends in the global economy

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