Rudolph Giuliani, the 107th mayor of New York, adviser to Donald Trump on cyber security has visited Kiev recently. Here are main points from the public lecture “Ukraine in the Context of Global Challenges”

1) Expansion of democracy

“Democracy is not just free elections. The rule of law is the main sign of a democracy. Your country has excellent prospects, there is freedom, but corruption is pulling Ukraine back. It should be eradicated from the top”

2) Impunity and the “theory of broken windows”

“If one glass is broken in the building and no one is replacing it, then in a while there will be no single whole window left in this building. The impunity of a small crime gives rise to great lawlessness.

3) Territorial integrity of Ukraine

“Our (US government) goal – the reunification of Ukraine, as it was before Russia’s invasion to the Crimea. There are different ways to do this, but there should not be any compromises with respect to this goal. The territorial integrity of Ukraine was guaranteed by international documents, which were violated by the aggressor. But even if there were no such treaties, the intervention and seizure of territory by another state can not be tolerated “