CAPS is a School of Entrepreneurial and Business Education


CAPS is the only school where education programme is created on the basis of real entrepreneurial challenges.

Your personal education programme at CAPS will allow you to look at specific aspects of your company as well as personal skills with the help of expertise from the leading professors of MIT, INSEAD, Harvard Business School and other top schools of the world.

CAPS is a business school for start-up entrepreneurs, owners of growing companies and top managers of large corporations. We provide global knowledge and skills from INSEAD, MIT, Harvard Business School experts.

At CAPS you can acquire modern approaches of creating, managing and transforming your company in a world where market conditions and customer needs are in constant change.


  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Learning through practice
  • Life-long learning
  • Global experience and borderless entrepreneurship
  • Synergy in a community of  leaders

CAPS 2018-2019 Academic Program

We created CAPS annual programme for start-up entrepreneurs, owners of growing companies and managers of large corporations. Four training courses provide knowledge and skills for effective entrepreneurial decisions at different stages of business development. This allows you to achieve the greatest efficiency and find the right answers for any dilemmas you face. All modules of our courses are based on practical exercises, case studies, games and projects together with teachers of MIT, INSEAD and Harvard Business Schools. You can become a student of the whole course or we will help you to select an individual program consisting of those modules that are necessary for the development of your own business and your personal skills.

Thinking-Discovery Course

The course will provide you with solutions for creating new business models and in-depth analysis of existing ones through applying entrepreneurial thinking. The modules focus on the development of flexible strategies that allows you to respond to the actions of your competitors without the risk of losing leadership positions in your business. You will acquire the methodologies of creating, testing and introducing products to a market with minimal costs and maximum efficiency. During this course, you will design a model for creating a value proposition for a client and learn new methods of customer and market segmentation. We offer methods and solutions that lecturers of this course are applying at world-class business schools (NYU Stern, IE Business School) and innovation centers of large international corporations (Philip Morris).

Delivery-Development Course

The course is designed for entrepreneurs and top managers and provides practical tools for managing the organizational design of a growing company. The modern world requires you to constantly change and react to market challenges immediately. Ability to adjust a strategy, implement innovations, increase sales, set up business processes and create a flexible corporate culture are vital for achieving effective and sustainable growth of a company. We will help you to create a strategy for continuous innovation implementation in management and technology. Together we will discuss the practical implementation of Scrum and Agile methodologies for creating flexible teams. In the “soft skills” section, students’ attention will be focused on the development of personal leadership, skills of effective negotiation and conflict management. You will be able to evaluate your own leadership skills and understand how a modern entrepreneurial culture allows business to be constantly ready for a change.

Expanse-Transformation Course

The course links the company’s strategy with the challenges of a rapidly uniting world which is nowadays characterized by globalization, political and economic uncertainty, the importance of intercultural communications and innovative technologies. Experts of this course will focus on proven methods of forecasting and analyzing the impact of the complex world on your company. Moreover, the course gives an idea of ​​how an entrepreneur can transform the company’s global risks into benefits by using the tools of brand management, personal strategic leadership skills and flexible employee management.

Some facts about CAPS

Practical methods of education


Author modules during a year


Hours of discussions, workshops, simulations


Meetings with global and Ukrainian leaders



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