Bill Barnet, Stanford Graduate Business School Professor, business analyst, strategist, and practitioner visited Kiev on 30 September, at the invitation of CAP school in connection with the academic program restart in November.

Prof. Barnett delivered a lecture on entrepreneurship and innovation in the co-working space mOre, where he explained how to define revolutionary ideas, where to look for unicorn companies and why ridiculous plans can change the world.

Bill Barnett has been teaching at the Stanford Graduate School of Business since 1991. For 27 years, Prof. Barnett has investigated business models of hundreds of new companies, collected data and analyzed them. He has also consulted, developed case studies, and helped with strategies for companies such as Alibaba, Oracle, Nielsen, Siemens, Spotify, EA Sports, Facebook, General Motors, HP and Hyundai.

Throughout his career, Bill Barnett has studied success stories in Silicon Valley, but, in his opinion, some of the most innovative business models today are not born there.

Bill Barnett’s conclusion quote: “I am very encouraged that I am talking about innovations in Ukraine. A huge number of my students work with Ukrainian engineers when they implement their ideas. You have vast and incredible opportunities for development. Here and now.”