Georgian syndrome or how to break the vicious circle. Georgian recipe for Ukrainian cooks.

What it really was? That was my first question regarding our business visit to Tbilisi! Studying the experience of reforms, discussing  possible scenarios for Ukrainian and Georgian development, searching for answers to the problematic questions about the future of our state? As a result, we have received much more.

What surprised, inspired and enriched me (us) in Georgia?
In the first place, most of us had not had such an intense schedule of work for a long time. Yet the meetings and especially their contents have surpassed all expectations. Punctuality, openness to dialogue and full immersion into the problems of government officials, from the Deputy Minister to the President of the National Bank, have allowed us to see the effective functioning of government in action. During the whole time we felt a friendly attitude and a desire to share experience and provide assistance. .
Another impression. Georgia expects a difficult 2016 The ruling party “Georgian Dream” will make every effort to maintain its status. However, the opposition, which is mostly represented by supporters of Mikhail Saakashvili has secured its status, too. Eka Tkeshelashvili, Sergi Kapanadze, Lado Gurgenidze, Nico Gvaramia and others guided us through “Georgia’s political map,” and most of the meeting demonstrated the team spirit of “United National Movement”. Self-confidence, the effectiveness of the reforms and their “persistence” has once again showed the existence of a well-functioning team of qualified and experienced politicians who comprehended and acknowledged their mistakes. They will fight for a free and economically strong and independent Georgia that focuses on European integration and NATO membership, but ….
The assessment of ordinary people, with whom we met in the transport, on the street surprised us. Everyone recognizes the victory over corruption, the enormous economic growth, yet on the other hand – people blame Saakashvili for starting the war with Russia and authoritarianism. Obviously, “tower” named after Ivanishvili work here, described Strugatsky. However, it is a good school for politics: people quickly get used to all that is good, but for a long time remember a bad side. Georgian reformers recognize that at some point they have not finished their work with the electorate, confident in their own victory in the next elections.
About reforms themselves. Minimum bureaucracy in the documentation the exclusion of corruption both at all levels, “easy” tax system for the business, the open borders in the form of a visa-free entry to most countries, open labor market, promotion and a high level of proficiency in English as a tool of communication and gain knowledge all over the world, the creation of an effective system of commercial banks …… This is an extremely short list of declarations, not of the results of the reforms. Checked by us in person, not only by electronics.
Each of the politicians during these three days was talking about a determined reformer, who must be aware of the strategic importance of the changes and, as a result, be prepared to both short-term and long-term efforts in the implementation of the goals. membership in NATO and the fight against Russia are the striking examples.More relevant than ever. And Georgian politicians keep repeating to each other: “Do not give up, knock on the doors of NATO and, sooner or later, they will be open. By becoming a member of NATO, you become stronger in times, and thus Russia will be forced to change the format of relations. There is no other way to deal with it.” Same from meeting to meeting. Such unity is based on the simultaneous experience of military confrontation with the aggressor and the ongoing work to secure membership in NATO and the European Union. Their position is based on an understanding of the problem.
We received a strong impetus and returned to Kiev with one goal – to continue the job. Ukrainian team of reformers increased its capacity and will change its state from the bottom up until it gets its way. When you know what you want, want to change, are prepared for a long-term struggle, it is impossible not to win.. We just need time!

P.S. In such trips people get to know each other.more And this trip – is no exception. We are more more friends than comrades. And we are ready to share the knowledge and time, for the good of our country.

Prepared by a student, who finished 2 courses at CAP School, expert of educational projects NGO “Ukrainian team of reformers”, Valeria Pavlyuk – Associate Professor of the Department of Public Administration and Education Management of Kiev State University named after Boris Grinchenko.